ERRE4M is founded by Rigon Mario in 1966, initially under the name of its founder and only for the sale of burners for furnaces. In this first phase, of great economic development in rural Veneto economic life it is still largely based on the exchange and its founder moves with passion and hard work in an industry in its infancy, but with great potential.
With the passage of time even in baking and pastry you begin to automate the work of the growing demand for baked goods, and so Mario always attentive to technological developments taking place decides to expand its business with the sale of the machines 'white art.
We are in the second half of the seventies, and what will be the ERRE4M senses that the market begins to be a burgeoning flow of used cars, which once regenerated may be resold at affordable prices and that now the amount of equipment in the laboratories also need to adequate mechanical after sales service. Here it is set up a small workshop set to grow by hiring mechanics capable and prepared.
Another key moment arrives in 1986 with the entry into the company of the founder of the children giving the current company name as well as a commercial boost and decisive technique for the challenges that lie ahead in a rapidly evolving environment.
Thanks to the irreplaceable help of his sons is the fact the final leap in 1992 when the company moved to new premises covering 2,000 m² in via dell'Artigianato in Vedelago.
Its new headquarters in 2000 Rigon family decided to set up a department for the sale of parts and accessories Laboratory views the growing demand of its customers in this type of articles. With a dedicated warehouse of 600 sqm., The company has chosen to only offer products from the best manufacturers at the national level and not. Produced with passion and professionalism this branch can in a short time to meet the needs of our customers and anyone who has a passion for bread, pastry and cuisine.
With this in mind we decided to expand our business around embracing new technologies, a feature that has distinguished us in our almost fifty-year history, providing our professionalism and experience to a wider audience. The products you find on this site have been chosen by us and tested among dozens of similar products and offer the professional and the amateur guarantees of security and reliability.
Our company in fact being well established in the industry offers tranquility to even the most wary of this new called e-commerce market, behind this web page you will find seriousness, dedication and professionalism. The buyer not only remains even after sales, because for us satisfy a customer is the better advertising that you might have.

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